Tobias Görler

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Tokamak Theory Division
Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics
Boltzmannstraße 2 · 85748 Garching · Germany
+49 89 3299 1325 · fax: +49 89 3299 2580
email · pgp · orcid

Research Interests

Simulated fluctuations of the electrostatic potential in ASDEX-Upgrade geometry

One of the last big unsolved problems in classical physics is turbulence - in plasmas this is further complicated by the additional interactions with electromagnetic fields. Adressing this issue with massively parallel computer simulations is one of my main research interests. As a long-term developer of the gyrokinetic (5D) plasma microturbulence code GENE, I am particularly interested in further enhancements of this numerical tool, verification of the implemented equations by comparison with analytic solutions or benchmarks with similar codes, and validation against particular measurements from experiments. Applications of the code furthermore aim at qualitative and even quantitative predictions for current experiments and future magnetic confinement based fusion devices. The latter also includes coupling to transport solvers and comparisons with lower hierarchy models. Additionally, I have also participated in projects employing Hybrid-kinetic 6D Vlasov simulations.

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