Stellarator Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulation & Optimization
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The effect of transient density profile shaping on transport in large stellarators and heliotrons
A. Dinklage, R. Sakamoto, M. Yokoyama, K. Ida, J. Baldzuhn, C.D. Beidler, S. Cats, K.J. Mc Carthy, J. Geiger, M. Kobayashi, H. Maassberg, S. Morita, G. Motojima, M. Nakata, M. Nunami, N. Pablant, K. Ogawa, J.H.E. Proll, S. Satake, K. Tanaka, F. Warmer, R.C. Wolf, P. Xanthopoulos, H. Yamada, R. Yasuhara, M. Yoshinuma, and the LHD Experiment Group
Nuclear Fusion 57, 066016 (2017)

Distinct Turbulence Saturation Regimes in Stellarators
G.G. Plunk, P. Xanthopoulos, and P. Helander
Physical Review Letters 118, 105002 (2017)

Quasi-symmetry and the nature of radial turbulent transport in quasi-poloidal stellarators
J.A. Alcuson, J.M. Reynolds-Barredo, A. Bustos, R. Sanchez, V. Tribaldos, P. Xanthopoulos, T. Görler, and D. E. Newman
Physics of Plasmas 23, 102308 (2016)

Geometric stabilization of the electrostatic ion-temperature-gradient driven instability. I. Nearly axisymmetric systems
A. Zocco, G.G. Plunk, P. Xanthopoulos and P. Helander
Physics of Plasmas 23, 082516 (2016)

Intrinsic turbulence stabilization in a stellarator
P. Xanthopoulos, G.G. Plunk, A. Zocco and P. Helander
Physical Review X 6, 021033 (2016)

TEM turbulence optimization in stellarators
J.H.E. Proll, H. Mynick, P. Xanthopoulos, S.A. Lazerson and B.J. Faber
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58, 014006 (2015)

Gyrokinetic studies of trapped electron mode turbulence in the Helically Symmetric eXperiment stellarator
B.J. Faber, M.J. Pueschel, J.H.E. Proll, P. Xanthopoulos, P.W. Terry, C.C. Hegna, G.M. Weir, K.M. Likin and J.N. Talmadge
Physics of Plasmas 22, 072305 (2015)

Ion temperature gradient turbulence in helical and axisymmetric RFP plasmas
I. Predebon and P. Xanthopoulos, Physics of Plasmas 22, 052308 (2015)

Advances in stellarator gyrokinetics
P. Helander, T. Bird, F. Jenko, R. Kleiber, G.G. Plunk, J.H.E. Proll, J. Riemann and P. Xanthopoulos
Nuclear Fusion 55, 053030 (2015)

Overview of the RFX-mod contribution to the international Fusion Science Program
M.E Puiatti et al., Nuclear Fusion 55, 104012 (2015)

HELIAS module development for systems codes
F. Warmer, C.D. Beidler, A. Dinklage, K. Egorov, Y. Feng, J. Geiger, F. Schauer, Y. Turkin, R. Wolf, P. Xanthopoulos
Fusion Engineering and Design 91, 60-66 (2015)

Implementation and verification of a HELIAS module for the systems code PROCESS
F. Warmer, C.D. Beidler, A. Dinklage, K. Egorov, Y. Feng, J. Geiger, R. Kemp,
P. Knight, F. Schauer, Y. Turkin, D. Ward, R. Wolf, P. Xanthopoulos
Fusion Engineering and Design 98-99, 2227-2230 (2015)

Statistical analysis and modeling of intermittent transport events in the tokamak scrape-off layer
J. Anderson, F.D. Halpern, P. Xanthopoulos, P. Ricci and I. Furno
Physics of Plasmas 21, 122306 (2014)

Controlling turbulence in present and future stellarators
P. Xanthopoulos, H.E. Mynick, P. Helander, Y. Turkin, G.G. Plunk, F. Jenko, T. Görler, D. Told, T. Bird, and J.H.E. Proll
Physical Review Letters 113, 155001 (2014)

Turbulent optimization of toroidal configurations
H. Mynick, P. Xanthopoulos, B. Faber, M. Lucia, M. Rorvig and J.N. Talmadge
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 56, 094001 (2014)

Collisionless microinstabilities in stellarators. III. The Ion-Temperature-Gradient mode
G.G. Plunk, P. Helander, P. Xanthopoulos and J.W. Connor
Physics of Plasmas 21, 032112 (2014)

Collisionless microinstabilities in stellarators. II. Numerical simulations
J.H.E. Proll, P. Xanthopoulos and P. Helander
Physics of Plasmas 20, 122506 (2013)

Technical challenges in the construction of the steady-state stellarator Wendelstein 7-X
H.-S. Bosch et al., Nuclear Fusion 53, 126001 (2013)

Gyrokinetic studies of the effect of β on drift-wave stability in the NCSX
J.A. Baumgaertel, G.W. Hammett, D.R. Mikkelsen, M. Nunami and P. Xanthopoulos
Physics of Plasmas 19, 122306 (2012)

Gyrokinetic TEM stability calculations for quasi-isodynamic stellarators
J.H.E. Proll, P. Helander, P. Xanthopoulos and J.W. Connor
Journal of Physics, Conference Series 401, 012021 (2012)

Stellarator and tokamak plasmas: a comparison
P. Helander, C.D. Beidler, T.M. Bird, M. Drevlak, Y. Feng, R. Hatzky, F. Jenko,
R. Kleiber, J.H.E. Proll, Y. Turkin and P. Xanthopoulos
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 54, 124009 (2012)

Zonal flow dynamics and control of turbulent transport in stellarators
P. Xanthopoulos, A. Mischchenko, P. Helander, H. Sugama and T.-H. Watanabe
Physical Review Letters 107, 245002 (2011)

Simulating gyrokinetic microinstabilities in stellarator geometry with GS2
J.A. Baumgaertel, E.A. Belli, W. Dorland, W. Guttenfelder, G.W. Hammett,
D.R. Mikkelsen, G. Rewoldt, W.M. Tang, and P. Xanthopoulos
Physics of Plasmas 18, 122301 (2011)

Oscillations of zonal flows in stellarators
P. Helander, A. Mischchenko, R. Kleiber and P. Xanthopoulos
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 53, 054006 (2011)

Reducing turbulent transport in toroidal configurations via shaping
H.E. Mynick, N. Pomphrey and P. Xanthopoulos
Physics of Plasmas 18, 056101 (2011)

Optimizing stellarators for turbulent transport
H.E. Mynick, N. Pomphrey and P. Xanthopoulos
Physical Review Letters 105, 095004 (2010)

Signature of a universal statistical description for drift-wave plasma turbulence
J. Anderson and P. Xanthopoulos
Physics of Plasmas 17, 110702 (2010)

Geometry dependence of stellarator turbulence
H.E. Mynick, P. Xanthopoulos and A.H. Boozer
Physics of Plasmas 16, 110702 (2009)

A geometry interface for gyrokinetic microturbulence investigations in toroidal configurations
P. Xanthopoulos, W.A. Cooper, F. Jenko, Y. Turkin, A. Runov and J. Geiger
Physics of Plasmas 16, 082303 (2009)

Gyrokinetic turbulence under near-separatrix or nonaxisymmetric conditions
F. Jenko, D. Told, P. Xanthopoulos, F. Merz and L.D. Horton
Physics of Plasmas 16, 055901 (2009)

Verification and application of numerically generated magnetic coordinate systems in gyrokinetics
P. Xanthopoulos, D. Mikkelsen, F. Jenko, W. Dorland and O. Kalentev
Physics of Plasmas 15, 122108 (2008)

Gyrokinetic microinstabilities in ASDEX Upgrade edge plasmas
D. Told, F. Jenko, P. Xanthopoulos, L.D. Horton, E. Wolfrum and ASDEX Upgrade Team
Physics of Plasmas 15, 102306 (2008)

A linearly implicit finite difference method for a Klein-Gordon-Schrödinger system modeling ion-electron plasma waves
P. Xanthopoulos and G. Zouraris
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B 10(1) 239-263 (2008)

Nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations of Ion-Temperature-Gradient turbulence for the optimized Wendelstein 7-X stellarator
P. Xanthopoulos, F. Merz, T. Görler and F. Jenko
Physical Review Letters 99, 035002 (2007)

Gyrokinetic analysis of linear microinstabilities for the stellarator Wendelstein 7-X
P. Xanthopoulos and F. Jenko
Physics of Plasmas 14, 042501 (2007)

Clebsch-type coordinates for nonlinear gyrokinetics in generic toroidal configurations.
P. Xanthopoulos and F. Jenko
Physics of Plasmas 13, 092301 (2006)

Application of the 3D finite difference scheme to the TEXTOR-DED geometry
R. Zagorski, M. Jakubowski, N. McTaggart, R. Schneider, W. Stepniewski, and P. Xanthopoulos
Contributions to Plasma Physics 46, No. 7-9, 563-569 (2006)

Parametric exponential energy decay for dissipative electron-ion plasma waves
N. Karachalios, N. Stavrakakis and P. Xanthopoulos
Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik 56, 218-238 (2005)

Asymptotic behavior of solutions for a semibounded nonmonotone evolution equation
N. Karachalios, N. Stavrakakis and P. Xanthopoulos
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2003:9, 521–538 (2003)

B2-solps5.0: SOL transport code with drifts and currents
R. Schneider, D. Coster, B. Braams, P. Xanthopoulos, V. Rozhansky, S. Voskoboynikov, L. Kovaltsova, H. Bürbaumer
Contributions to Plasma Physics 40 (3-4), 328-333 (2000)

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