GUI for TRANSP input collection

  • Execute trgui. If an error occurs, make sure you have /afs/ipp/aug/ads/@sys/diags/ in your $PATH. The command opens this GUI:

  • You need to fetch and finally to write a Namelist.

  • Separatrix

    Clicking the Separatrix button the following window pops up:

  • Click File -> Read and fit separatrix and the equilibrium data + fit appear:

  • You can navigate through the data in time with the time bar (bottom of the figure) or the play/pause, forward and rewind buttons (below the figure)
  • If you are satisfied, click File -> Store u-file
  • Profiles

    Clicking the Profiles button the following window pops up:

  • Choose the profiles type ('ne', 'Ti', 'Te'...) and for each of them the diagnostics you want to use, unrolling the menu (click with the mouse' left button). In most cases, IDA is preferable when available.

  • If you choose 1D fit, i.e. a recursive cubic spline at each time frame, click Fit profile and you get to the profile collector

  • If you choose 2D fit, make sure to click Load profiles first. This method: