GUI for TRANSP(/NUBEAM/ASTRA) input collection and run management

  • Execute trgui (Linux or Solaris). If the command is not found add /afs/ipp/aug/ads/@sys/diags/ to your $PATH. This GUI will appear:

    It contains several tabs.


    File -> Read and fit separatrix
    It reads the separatrix points from an equilirium (e.g. CLISTE) shotfile and it performs a DESCUR Fourier-moments fit.

    Time points close to ELMs (1ms before, 5 ms after) are excluded from the fit, but the equilibrium is shown nevertheless. The magnetic axis and the lower and upper X point are also displayed as functions of time.
    A 3D u-file M.MRY is written autmatically in the directory $HOME/udb/,nshot, with one backup level to prevent unwished overwriting.
    You can navigate through the data in time with the time bar (bottom of the figure) or the buttons play/pause, forward and rewind (below the figure).


    File -> 1d traces
    The tab Traces is divided into several sub-tabs

    Several signals




    1d u-files are written for each time trace, with 1-level backup.


    Choose the profiles type among ne, Ti, Te and vtor and select the diagnostic(s) you want to use. You can combine several for a given profile, e.g. core (CEZ) and edge (CMZ) charge exchange for Ti. In most cases, IDA is preferable for ne and Te.

    Select diagnostics,
    Click Load profiles

    Check signals
    Click Fetch exp data

    Choose time grid
    Click Slice data

    Choose fit method
    Click Fit

    All methods
  • allow to combine several diagnostics of the same plasma profile (e.g. core + edge CX), also with different time bases
  • use experimental error bars as fit constraints
  • Fit 2D

  • is based on time-space smoothing based on the inversion of the diffusion equation, so it delivers smooth gradients
  • some care is needed in case of signal modulation in time: the time dependence could be smoothed out
  • Fit 1D

    Recursive spline and Gaussian fit are 1D methods, i.e. each ime frame is fitted separately. Clicking Fit, the profile fit widget pops up.

    TR/NB namelist