NetCDF player for TRANSP output viewing

  • Run
  • Browse for run output with File->Load run...
  • If you wish, select a profile set with File->Load setup... One can load a profiles' list to be displayed as a simpe ASCII files, like for instance


    The names in the list file have to be TRANSP names of course, otherwise the cdfplayer will simply ignore them.
    The list can be stored anywhere, it will be browsed via dialog box by clicking the "Browse list" button in the second row of the interactive window.
    The most relevant TRANSP output profile names can be found here
  • Profile evolution (click the "2D" button in the third row)

  • Equilibrium evolution (click the "Equ" button in the third row)

  • Press the self-explaining buttons to play, pause, rewind the profile or equilibrium evolution in time.
    On top of the usual matplotlib graphic output (pdf, eps, png, ps), a few output formats (ASCII, picture, movie, shotfile) are available: unroll the Output menu.