Plotting fast ions distribution functions

  • Run
    source /afs/ipp/home/t/transp/tr_client/SUN/test/

  • This GUI will pop up:

  • The original TRANSP output for "FBM" functions (fast ions) is ASCII compressed (<runid>.DATA1). Convert it into NetCDF with the script ac2cdf
    The output file is named <runid>_fi_<t_id>.cdf
    E.g. for runid 29226A02 the FBM of the first time point is called $HOME/tr_client/AUGD/29226/A02/29226A02_fi_1.cdf.
  • Select a cdf file from a dialog activated with File->Read FBM...
  • The evaluation starts and the frame displays a few plots

    In the left frame, the energy- and p.a.-integrated FBM is displayed. On the right hand side, the total fast ion density as a function of ρ is shown, and compared to the BDENS profile from the main NetCDF output file, as consistency check.
    In the lower plot, an energy-p.a. plot appear either for Right-mouse clicks on a cell overwriute the "cell-plot" in the bottom right. Log scale is default, a minimum and a maximum for plotting can be set as entry fields.

    Other plots

    To see the countour plot of the fast ions trapped fraction, of beam-target or beam-beam neutrons, just select the respective tab: Trapped fraction, Beam-target neut or Beam-beam neut. Typically they look like

    Plot GC birth locations