Plotting fast ions distribution functions

  • Run

  • This GUI will pop up:

  • The original TRANSP output for "FBM" functions (fast ions) is ASCII compressed (<runid>.DATA1). Convert it into NetCDF with the script ac2cdf
    The output file is named <runid>_fi_<t_id>.cdf
    E.g. for runid 29226A02 the FBM of the first time point is called $HOME/tr_client/AUGD/29226/A02/29226A02_fi_1.cdf.
  • Select the cdf file browsing, from the menubar File->Read FBM...
  • The energy- and p.a.-integrated FBM is displayed in the canvas as contour:
  • Right-clicking on a cell pops up a contour plot, function of E and p.a., the function plotted depends on which thicks are selected:
  • Plot menu

    There are four entries in the Plot menu in the menubar:

    Plot FBM

    That's the default plot (FBM integrated over E and p.a.)

    Plot trapped fraction

    Countour plot of the fast ions trapped fraction

    Plot GC birth locations

    Plot fast ions density

    Fast ion density vs ρ