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Getting/renewing the FusionGrid certificate

[Renewal only: an e-mail warns you before the certificate expires (typical duration: 13 months). Please react before it expires, as renewal is a lot simpler than applying for the first time.]
  • Follow the link in the e-mail, it's like[cert_id]
  • Download the new certicate file, user_certificate_and_key.[cert_id].p12, if possible in the $HOME/.globus directory
  • Import the certificate in your browser

    Import your user_certificate_and_key.[cert_id].p12 in a browser. This is important for the next renewal (only). You might want to note which browser you used (and where: PC, Sun,...) in a file in your $HOME/.globus directory, one might forget it one year later. To import:
  • Open a browser
  • (Edit->)Preferences->Advanced->Certificates->View certificates->Your Certificates
  • Import... usually from $HOME/.globus
  • Type your FusionGrid password when prompted
  • Optional: delete the old certificate from the browser
  • Install (only the first time)

    source /afs/ipp/home/t/transp/pub/

    PEM key


  • Type your FusionGrid password whenever prompted (4 times)
  • Start proxy

    ssh toki05

    Test run

    tr_submit 25832B01
    (or any successful run)



    It manages: input collection, preparing run dir, sending jobs to PPPL, fetching output, storing shotfiles. Type:

    The namelist

  • Search TRANSP's online help for the meaning of switches and parameters
  • Check the templates in /afs/ipp/home/t/transp/tr_client/AUGD/templates, in particular aug_explained.DAT
  • General information about ufiles

  • Ufile help
  • Ufile names in TRANSP
  • Output


    A viewer for the standard TRANSP NetCDF output ([runid].CDF). It plots profiles, scalars and equilibrium evolution.


    Plot tool for f(E,μ,ρ,θ). It's a viewer for the NetCDF file containing the fast ions distribution function ([runid]_fi_[tid].cdf).
    If you want to view also the 3D birth profile of fast ions, add NLDEP0_GATHER=T in the namelist.

    For shotfiles

  • Scalars
  • Profiles
  • Run parameters
  • NBI parameters
  • ECRH

    Angle conventions

    List of AUG runs and related shotfile editions

    Exp='transp', diag='TRA' # shot/1000:
    12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30


    NBI geometry