Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik
7th Coordinated Working Group Meeting
Video Conferencing

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Presentation Files
The presentation files will be transmitted via EFDATV ( External attendees will be able to view the presentation files. Presenters will also be able to control their presentation (for voice/video transmission see below).

Channel 15 has been reserved for the CWGM, the audience password is: audience. Please check your browser to be enabled to run java applets. Presenters will be provided with the upload password upon request . Further instructions, e.g. for checking the transmission of presentations, can be found on EFDATV website.

Test: for a dry run connect to the EFDA TV test site. Channel 15 is booked on Jun 17, 2010 for tests.

Participation and Presentation
If you want to:

  - transmit your oral presentation and a video signal
  - see the presenter or
  - take part in discussions,

choose one of the following options:

  1. H.323 users (registered to a gatekeeper)
    Please dial +49 1009 7921 244 to connect to the video conference.
    Test: You can call +49 1009 7921 244 any time (24 hrs/day). You are connected successfully if you see your own video signal and if you hear the sentence "You are the first participant to join the conference".

  2. H.323 users (not registered to a gatekeeper)
    Please set up your videoconference system as a guest for the public gatekeeper of DFN (German Research Network). For instructions, please consult the DFN web-site Participation of Guests.
    Test: see above.

  3. H.320 (ISDN) users or phone (audio only)
    Please use the ISDN/IP gateway from DFN. Dial with any ISDN videoconference system (or phone) either +49 30 2541 080 or +49 711 6330 190. Enable DTMF signals in your phone to enter the conference ID. Please wait for the request to enter the conference ID. Enter: 97921244, followed by a # (hash).

For questions (not for participation please):
The phone number of seminar room 2 is +49 3834 88 1301.

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IPP Greifswald

Contact person
Ms. Maria Dietrich

Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik
EURATOM Association
Wendelsteinstr. 1
17491 Greifswald

Phone: +49-3834-88-2508
Fax: +49-3834-88-2509