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Directions Berlin - Greifswald
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Transfer directions Airport Berlin-Tegel to Greifswald Guest House

  • The bus station is indicated by pictograms within the airport.

  • Take the bus TXL (to Hauptbahnhof) on the right (exit in your back).

  • Tickets (2.10 EUROS) are sold at the information desk (close to the exit), at a vending machine (outside) or at the driver. Buy it at the driver (cash only) if you are in a hurry (print this out, mark 'Hauptbahnhof' and show it to the driver).

  • The ride is announced to take 21 minutes.

  • Enter the station and check your departure platform on the board on the right - or ask for it at the information desk. Platforms for trains departing to Greifswald are at the very bottom of the station.

  • Some trains for Sunday 03.06.07 (IC is more comfortable than RE - for more details check the website of the "Deutsche Bahn"):

    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 06:34-09:19  (RE)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 08:01-10:23  (RE)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 08:34-11:19  (RE)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 09:48-12:19  (IC)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 10:34-13:19  (RE)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 11:48-14:19  (IC)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 12:34-15:19  (RE)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 13:48-16:19  (IC)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 14:34-17:19  (RE)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 15:48-18:19  (IC)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 16:34-19:19  (RE)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 17:48-20:19  (IC)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 18:34-21:19  (RE)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Greifswald Hbf.: 19:48-22:19  (IC)
    • Berlin Hbf. - Angermünde/Angermünde - Greifswald Hbf.: 22:32-23:29/23:34-01:15  (RE)
  • Get off the train at Greifswald Hauptbahnhof (not Greifswald Süd!)

  • Take a taxi (in front of the station).

  • Ask the driver to go to 'Max-Planck-Institut' (Wendelsteinstrasse, fare less than 10 EUROS) or to the hotel you live at.

  • You get your key at the guard house in front of IPP 24/7.

  • Either walk to the guest house (10 min.) or ask the driver to wait and go to 'Gutsweg'.

  • Call 03834 881000 (IPP guard house within Germany) in emergency cases on Sunday.

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