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Physics and Fusion Home Page

Welcome to my physics and fusion home page. There are introductions to fusion via magnetically confined plasmas, plus a few fields of physics which are both dear to my heart and within my experience as a scientist. There are many links to the basic concepts one encounters, as well as to more detailed information, such as lectures (technical, text level) editorials (nontechnical), posters (introductory, pictorial), write-ups (technical, introductory), papers (research material), and codes (numerical models).

Skripten zu Vorlesungen (dt)

There is a separate page for Presentations

On Transport Ordering in Gyrokinetic Field Theory

Here are some cute graphics from my drift Alfven turbulence studies.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I.

Good jumping off points for hot news:

Fusion with plasmas and magnetic fields

Some interesting things in astrophysics


Other areas

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